Angelo Mangiarotti stands apart from the other figures of the first generation of Italian design for his capacity to adapt the product to be designed to its function, its use and to the characteristics and conditions required by the material utilized.

Selected Works
“Eros” marble tables with gravity joint
“Anatis”, “Askos”, “Kyathos” crystal decanters
Blown glass vases with high thickness
“Aurea” meshed jewels

A noteworthy characteristic is Mangiarotti's ability to bring out the sensual side of objects throught the correct choice of materials, sustained by an intuitive, highly expressive formal sensibility that places his design works, in equal misure, in the sphere of rationality and that of subjectivity. His research springs from an interest in industrial processes, but to the same extent from attraction to artistic expression. Mangiarotti creates different types of objects for different functions as cabinets, bookcases, modern furniture that show the well known made in Italy quality. (Francois Burkhardt)