Angelo Mangiarotti's work demonstrates a pursuit of synthesis, of architectonic truth and design suitability rarely found simultaneously in a single personality.

Selected Works
Renovation of a furniture showroomen, Corsico, Milano, Italy
Sea amphitheatreen, Carrara, Italia
Inclined and stayed tower
Villa Pederzolien, Bardolino, Verona, Italy

This personality makes him a true Master who manages to communicate a very special way of viewing and loving profession, through his often provocative explorations between production technologies and architectural composition, design of the single parts and the language of the whole. Already in his firs residential projects in Milan, as in his exemplar industrial buildings, office, housing, then later in the projects for Milan undergrounds and railway stations, Mangiarotti fully expresses his thinking on architecture. In his works he aims at the truth in building, at the objective expression of materials and techniques, at the formal and spatial innovation, always thinking about the relationship between design and freedom for users. (Guido Nardi)